Solve the three math problems below. 🙂 You have 20 minutes.

Problem #1

Let the 2 line segments x and y meet at a right angle.
Construct the circle A with radius r that is tangent to x and y.
Construct an identical circle B that is tangent to A and x.
Construct an identical circle C that is tangent to A and y.
Construct a fourth and larger circle with a radius of 1 that is tangent to B, C, X, and Y.
Compute r*738

Your final answer is r.

Problem 2

Find the overlapping area of the two identical squares with side lengths s = 10.4460136357.
Round the area to the nearest integer.

Your final answer is g.

Problem #3

Construct a square in which a semicircle with a diameter of 12 and a quarter circle with a radius of 12 is inscribed and both are tangent to each other. (See Diagram)
Find the area of the blue square that is partially hidden by circles, then round to the nearest integer.    
Compute A-53.

Your final answer is b.

When you have solved for r, g, and b, use them below.

Use the clue from the color to guess your next location.

When you know your next location, open the envelope #3 to confirm.